Leadership Development

Leadership development is one of the core components of the National Charity League experience.  Over the course of their six years in NCL, Inc., the Ticktockers take on more and more personal responsibility, including setting meeting agendas, conducting meetings, planning grade-level events, etc., so that by the time they reach the last year they are in complete control of all of these activities and responsibilities. This puts our daughters at an advantage when going off to college and joining club or sororities, or off to the workforce or other organizations where professional leadership skills are needed.

The leadership development pillar affords opportunities for all members to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as:

    • Confidence
    • Organizational skills management
    • Event planning
    • Conflict resolution
    • Parliamentary procedures
    • Consensus and team building
    • How to build a budget and run an effective meeting



Every Patroness and Ticktocker will serve in a chapter position each year. There are many positions to choose from and our chapter works hard to pair each member with a role that suits their strengths or is requested by the member.  A Patroness shall serve as a Board member or a Committee Chair (at least) 1 time while an Active member. A Ticktocker shall serve in a leadership and/or Board position (at least) 1 time during grades 7 – 12 of her membership.

The Board of Directors is made up of 12 Patronesses. The roles for Ticktockers are similar to the BOD but also include roles such as:

  • Inspiration
  • Ice Breaker
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Secret Sister
  • Sunshine
  • Etiquette
  • Social Media / Photography Representative
  • Senior Recognition Representative
  • Ticktocker Council Representative




As a 100% volunteer organization, it is up to all members to work together to provide the best leadership experience possible for each other and our daughters. Our chapter is supported by NCL Inc and our District 14 leaders with many resources to help guide us along the way. 


Quote from our 2021 Grade Level Advisor, Joy Evans:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being a GLA for the class of 2021. My favorite parts of being a mentor have been developing a personal relationship with the girls and watching them build leadership skills as they take on more responsibilities. I am so proud of the young ladies that they have become!”






Additionally, members are exposed to inspirational and educational leaders in other areas of our community. Some of our keynote speakers over the years have included: John Trautwein – Will to Live; Lauren Cook – Sunny Girl; Jennifer Keitt – The Keitt Institute; Cindy Martin, LMFT – Relationship Recovery Center; and Rory Pan – Miss GA Outstanding Teen 2018.