Our Leaders

List of Chapter Leaders 2019 – 2020

President – Joan Barker

President-Elect – Tomika Hargett

Parliamentarian – Debbie Wood

Secretary – Jenn Dabbs

Treasurer – Laura Povilaitiene

Co VP Communications – Theresa Frayer

Co VP Communications – Nichole Glass

VP Philanthropies – Jennifer Freyer

VP Membership – Kim Slawin

VP Patronesses – Renee Dunn

VP Ticktockers – Miki Schlueter

VP Provisionals – Rhonda Wagner




Our first Board of Directors: left to right Suzette Taylor (assisted Treasurer), Elizabeth Lewis (Secretary), Jeanne Bell (VP Philanthropy), Amy Erickson (VP Ticktockers), Christi Cantu (President), Anita McBurney (Treasurer), Lynn Floum (VP Membership), Susan Hicks (VP Patroness), Dotti Lackey (VP Communications)


Christi Cantu (President), Dotti Lackey (VP Communications), Amy Erickson (VP TT), Susan Hicks (VP Patroness), Elizabeth Lewis (Secretary), Jeanne Bell (VP Philanthropy), Lynn Floum (VP Membership)


Our chapter will be forever grateful to the initial, small group of big-hearted, caring moms who willingly met in 2010 to learn about NCL, Inc. for the first time.  They took the lead in understanding its importance in a community, and began to spread the word.  Thanks to the collaborative efforts of these first amazing ladies and their daughters, the awareness, momentum and interest in joining NCL, Inc. continued to build, allowing for the successful formation of our Northeast Atlanta Chapter.  Many of these same moms stepped-up for roles on the Founding Board of Directors and continue to play a role in our Chapter.

List of Chapter Presidents:

2010-2011 Christi Cantu

2011-2012 Christi Cantu

2012-2013 Lynn Floum

2013-2014 Julie Rhinehart

2014-2015 Christy Pincheon

2015-2016 Erica McCurdy

2016-2017 Patricia Rainey

2017-2018 Dawn Dickey

2018-2019 Jen Freyer

2019-2020 Joan Barker


These young ladies were our chapter’s first class to complete the 6-year program. They started in 7th grade and graduated in 2016.